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BCCLS Connect is a complete intranet solution powered by Happeo with full Google integration, analytics, tagging, searching and collaboration tools.

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My Role in Developing the Brand Identity for BCCLS Connect

As a skilled designer and tech-savvy individual, I was given the task of developing the brand identity logo for BCCLS Connect using Adobe Illustrator. This brand identity encompasses a range of elements, including the logo, favicon, and various assets such as images and graphics for the platform. With my expertise in design and technology, I was able to create a visually appealing and professional logo that accurately represents the purpose and values of BCCLS Connect.

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Ensuring Smooth Functionality with Happeo-powered Tools

BCCLS Connect is an all-in-one intranet solution that comes complete with Happeo-powered tools such as Google integration, collaboration tools, tagging, searching, and analytics. As the super admin for BCCLS Connect, it is my responsibility to ensure the smooth functionality of these tools for over 1600 users. With my knowledge and experience in database technology, I have been able to effectively manage and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Example Instructional Video and Documentation

As a former educator, I understand the importance of clear communication and collaboration in a team environment. I am responsible for providing clear and concise training for a variety of applications, including the BCCLS Connect platform itself. Whether it’s through virtual training sessions, user guides, or one-on-one support, I strive to empower users with the knowledge and skills they need to utilize these tools effectively.

In addition to my technical expertise, I also bring a strong customer service mindset to my role as super admin. I am always available to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have and take a proactive approach in anticipating their needs. My goal is not just to provide a functional platform but also to ensure that every user has a positive experience while using BCCLS Connect.

Through my dedication and passion for technology and collaboration, I have been able to help streamline processes and improve efficiency within BCCLS Connect. This has resulted in increased productivity for our member libraries and ultimately better service for our patrons.

I am constantly seeking new ways to enhance and improve BCCLS Connect, whether it’s through implementing new features or finding solutions to user issues. I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and incorporating them into our platform to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible.

But above all, my main focus is always on our users. I understand that each library has its own unique needs and challenges, and I make it a priority to listen and adapt accordingly. By being open-minded and responsive to feedback, I have been able to foster strong relationships with our member libraries.

Maintaining Files and Permissions with Professionalism

In addition to designing the brand identity and managing the Happeo-powered tools, I also oversee the maintenance of files and permission levels for BCCLS Connect. This involves regularly updating and organizing files, as well as managing user permissions to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive information. With my attention to detail and professionalism, I have been able to effectively carry out these responsibilities, ensuring the smooth operation of BCCLS Connect.

In conclusion, my involvement with BCCLS Connect has allowed me to showcase my skills in design and technology. From creating the brand identity to managing the platform’s functionality and maintaining files and permissions, I have been able to carry out my responsibilities with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. I am proud to have been a part of the development and maintenance of BCCLS Connect, and I am confident that my skills and expertise will continue to contribute to its success.

Intranet Redesign Project

I completed an intranet redesign project for BCCLS, a consortium of member libraries operating on a large scale. The objective was to replace their existing homegrown intranet, “MyBCCLS,” which was built on WordPress, with a more scalable solution that could make better use of their Google Workspace.

By upgrading the current intranet, we were able to leverage the existing Google Workspace infrastructure, seamlessly integrating with Google Drive and consolidating information from various sources into a single, reliable platform. This streamlined the distribution of content via Google Groups and eliminated information silos, enhancing discoverability across the organization for both internal stakeholders and content.

The redesigned intranet significantly reduced manual upkeep, improving workflow efficiency for BCCLS. It also facilitated smoother management of fluctuating employees and their related permissions and provisioning. Automation was implemented to streamline access to platform areas and enhance communication through Google Groups.

With the new intranet solution in place, discoverability was greatly increased across the platform and Google search, ensuring ease of navigation and information retrieval. The implementation included a simple yet powerful search feature that spans the entire platform, enabling quick and efficient access to relevant information.

This project exemplifies my portfolio as it demonstrates my ability to deliver a polished and user-centered redesign that addresses specific organizational needs.

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